Treatments for Sciatica

How to Potentially Eliminate Pain Caused by Sciatica

Have you ever felt a shooting nerve pain that starts from your buttocks to your legs and feet? If you are suffering from this kind of pain recently, then there is a great chance that you have sciatica. This is the condition where there is an irritation on your sciatic nerve. When left unattended, this condition may lead to the loss of movement no your lower limbs. The fact that this condition may affect your mobility makes it necessary for you to deal with the issue in the soonest time possible to put an end with the pain before it turns unbearable.

Popular Alternative Treatments for Sciatica

There are different alternative treatments that one can go through for their sciatica. Some of these popular alternatives are the following:

Tailored Exercise

Experts would say that people suffering from sciatica can actually eliminate the pain they feel with tailored exercises. These are the set of exercises that they should do regularly to lessen the pain and be able to get back the same mobility they once had prior to developing the sciatic nerve issue. Depending on the severity, the exercise can actually help in eliminating the pain.


This alternative treatment may include chiropractic care where chiropractic manipulative techniques are done to reduce the pain. It is considered an effective treatment for some while there are experts saying that sciatic manipulation may lead to another condition known as cauda equina, where the function of certain regions at the lower back is lost. This condition may result in the loss of your bladder control or even sexual dysfunction. When considering this treatment, it is best that you talk to your doctor and get to know the benefits as well as the risk prior to undergoing the treatment.

Another treatment included in therapies is sleep therapy. However, there are only few who prove the effectiveness of this therapy in completely eliminating the sciatic pain.

Taking Home Remedies and OTC Pain Relievers

These are other alternatives that are usually chosen by a lot of people. Though some claim the effectiveness of these remedies, the effects are undoubtedly lasting for a few hours only. The pain may subside for a while, but they have to take the remedy or the pain reliever again. This may only result in dependability on the medications and this is what most people don’t want to experience.

Finding a More Effective Treatment for Sciatica

If you are one of those people suffering from sciatica who wants lasting results to reducing the pain, then Sciatica SOS™ is the program you should try. This is a program that Glen Johnson created for putting a stop on the constant pain due to sciatica. The program helps you understand more about sciatica, its causes, and the possible underlying cause of the condition on your part.

Using the Sciatica SOS™ program, Glen will be guiding you throughout the process step by step. Glen has been a sciatica sufferer before and the program was the result of his search for the permanent treatment for his condition. Get the program here and experience the life changing result it has to offer.


What Is Yeast Infection?

The human body contains bacteria in the trillions; this is probably more than the total number of cells in a well grown human body. These packs of bacteria can be grouped into the good bacteria and the bad bacteria and they come in different species.

The Good Bacteria

The good bacteria are generally beneficial to the body and they tend to promote good health. Some protect our skin thereby keeping germs and the bad bacteria out of the way. There are those in our digestive tract and intestines improving the function of our immune system to combat harmful bacteria. Those present in our mouth, crotch and on the skin also works towards ensuring a healthy living while trying to maintain a good balance with the bad bacteria. Example of the good bacteria can be found in Lactobacillus acidophilus.

The Bad Bacteria

The bad bacteria are those bacteria that tend to make us ill, cause diseases and sicknesses. They can attack the body cells or produce toxins that weaken our immune system. Most often, this happens when the bad bacteria multiplies and over-powers the good bacteria which then leads to diseases, infections and sicknesses of all kinds. Example of the bad bacteria is Candida albicans which causes yeast infection.

The Balance

It is expected that 85 percent of the bacteria in our body to be good bacteria and the remaining 15 percent to be bad bacteria. This balance is important to maintain a relatively healthy body with strong immune support. However, it is not always this way due to several reasons like what we eat, what we wear, and the meds we consume, how we look after our body and a host of others. Now when this balance is disturbed and the body supports the multiplication of Candida albicans for instance, they cause health complications and discomforting symptoms that we now refer to as yeast infection.

In essence, yeast infection is a medical term given to the over-growth and multiplication of specific specie of bad bacteria in the human body called Candida albicans. The symptoms of yeast overgrowth can be visible in the crotch affecting the genitals of both sexes called vaginal yeast infection or yeast infection at the head of the penis, in the mouth called oral yeast infection or thrush or at other parts of the body where it may cause rashes. There are also cases where yeast infection can, through the fallopian tube, affect the ureta, through the mouth to the oesphagunus or found in the intestines or mixed with the blood during which it can be more dangerous or life threatening.

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Food that Help You Deal With Yeast Infection Treatment Natural

If you feel a massive itch on your body and you have irritated skin, then you are most likely dealing with yeast infection. This is a very demanding condition that can get ignored by many people however if you don’t deal with it properly it might come with various complications. Thankfully, there are some foods that help prevent or, depending on the situation, treat yeast infection.

Virgin coconut oil

The important thing about virgin coconut oil is that it’s originating fromvirgin-coconut-oil the mature coconut meat and it’s not chemically processed. As a result, it maintains all the vitamins and antioxidants as well as minerals that would otherwise be removed by chemicals. Coconut has a lot of compounds that deliver great results against yeast infection and that’s why it’s a good idea to integrate virgin coconut oil in your daily diet.



According to a study that was released in 2013, it seems that cheese can be a very good product for people that want to deal with yeast infection in a natural manner. Fermented cheese is actually the preferred option here and it actually works great when compared to many other yeast infection cures. That alone makes it well worth a try.

Oregano essential oilil_570xn-353801331_fpun

This type of essential oil is great against bacterial and fungal infections. It works great against a wide variety of fungi not to mention it helps deal with Candida albicans which does tend to generate more than 80-90% of all yeast infection problems. You don’t have to add it to your food, adding a few drops of oregano essential oil in the hot tub when you bathe will do the trick quite nicely.


coriander2The coriander seeds are a very good fiber source and they also include other compounds like magnesium, copper, manganese and iron. The coriander essential oil is also known to be a very good product for fighting against many fungus types. You can combine it with cayenne, chili powder, brown sugar and some dried lemon zest for a very interesting mix.


Few people know this, but papaya can be very good for people that have yeast infections. The main reason behind that is it’s loaded with a lot of vitamin C and at the same time it also provides some of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to fight against fungal infections.

It’s a very good idea to add all these great foods to your day to day diet as they can help you stay healthy and fit for a very long time. Remember, yeast infections are very demanding but with the proper diet and treatment you can get rid of them!

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